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Our Soups

Not just for dipping but also for the spoon. The Deli Dip soups are made with an extra serving of vegetables and only a few selected spices. That means every spoon contains between 45% to 65% of vegetables and a small taste explosion. They are designed to be tasty both warm and cold. Because dips and soups are our passion.

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Broccoli-Spinach-Mangetout Soup

this green energy-kick is available all year

Pumpkin-Carrot with Ginger and Orange

a mildly hot warming autumnal soup

Tomato Soup with Basil

a delicious soup classic with full-bodied flavored

Soups are healthy

Who would have known? Soup’s a true super food: they contain a lot of liquid, important vitamins and fiber. Depending on the ingredients, a soup can warm your toes during the cold season or be a light and cool refreshment on summer days.

Nutrition experts are recommending soup to accompany each main meal and as a healthy, low calorie snack for in between.

Enjoyed spoonful after spoonful, it also promotes healthy eating by encouraging a slower eating pace. We suggest you just dip in your spoon!