Potato latkes with Labané

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We love Latkes! Here we’ll show you a classic version.

You’ll need: a good kilo of potatoes, one large onion, three tablespoons of breadcrumbs, two eggs, a teaspoon of potato starch, salt, pepper and plenty of peanut oil to bake.

Here's how it works: Grate the potatoes with the coarse side of your grater into a large bowl of water. Grate the onion with the fine side into another bowl. Use a clean tablecloth to drain the potatoes and squeeze out all the liquid. Mix the potatoes with the onions and all the other ingredients. With wet hands form flat cakes and bake them golden-brown from both sides. Serve with deli dip Labané.

Our tip: Also try mixing the grated potatoes with other grated vegetables, e.g. with carrots, fennel or zucchini.

Bon Appétit!