Bear’s garlic salad with Tahina dressing

blog april2

A simple salad with an extra kick of sharpness from the bear's garlic. You can collect wild garlic in the forest or even buy it on many markets.

For 2 persons you’ll need: 2 handfuls of baby spinach, some leaves of bear’s garlic (depending on how intensive you’d want the the salad to taste), a bowl of deli dip Tahina and juice and zest of one lemon.

This is how it works: Wash the spinach and the bear’s garlic thoroughly and carefully dab or spin the leaves dry. Mix a bowl of deli dip Tahina with the juice and the zest of a lemon and carefully lift it under the salad.

Our tip: This basic salad can be expanded to your liking. Halved cocktail tomatoes, hard-boiled (Easter) eggs, crispy croutons, etc. all work well.